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Craving that special Mediterranean feeling in your fish dish? Look no further!

AVRAMAR Dorade is a superstar in the Mediterranean Diet, cherished for its flavor, health benefits, and nutritional values. The ultimate Mediterranean fish that can be used in most culinary preparations and is a great choice for any menu! Immerse yourself in the rich, meaty flavor and crispy skin of this exquisite fish.

Why AVRAMAR Dorade?

  • Versatility: Whether you're grilling, frying, baking, steaming, or creating a refreshing ceviche, AVRAMAR Dorade is your canvas for culinary artistry.
  • Quality: Our fish are raised on a GMO-free diet, ensuring premium quality and taste.
  • Health Benefits: Dive into a sea of Omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins, and minerals with each delicious bite.
  • Taste: Awarded the prestigious Superior Taste Awards of 3 stars by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, ultimate score for its exceptional flavor.

Bringing the Mediterranean to your doorstep, AVRAMAR is the leading producer in Mediterranean Aquaculture. We proudly deliver this delicacy to tables across North America, cultivated sustainably and certified at our sea farms.

Strike the perfect balance between taste and nutrition with the fish that has a special Mediterranean feeling. Explore more about AVRAMAR DORADE below and keep scrolling to learn about the easy ordering process at the bottom of the page.

Raw Dorade

Product Presentation
AVRAMAR Dorade - Sparus Aurata

Head On or Off

400 - 600 g (14 - 21 oz)

600 - 800 g (21 - 28 oz)

Fillets (Fresh or Frozen)
Skin-on, Pin Bone Out

90 - 140 g (3 - 5 oz)

140 - 190 g (5 - 7 oz)

Gilled, Gutted, Scaled

400 - 600 g (14 - 21 oz)

600 - 800 g (21 - 28 oz)

800 - 1000 g (28 - 35 oz)

Whole Round

400 – 600 g (14 - 21 oz)

500 – 600 g (17.5 - 21 oz)

600 – 800 g (21 - 28 oz)

800 - 1000 g (28 - 35 oz)


Dorade Advantages-1

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions: 14 days stored at 0ºC - 2ºC (32ºF - 36ºF)

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