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Proudly presenting our GREEK STONE BASS. A new, exciting food experience for restaurant menus and fresh seafood counters.

Fall in love at first bite - always succulent, always satisfying. Our Greek Stone Bass has a lightly sweet-yet-mildly briny flavor, and a delightfully firm-yet-supple texture not seen in other white fish. It’s perfect for a variety of preparations and cuisines: use it raw in ceviche or sushi, chargrill it for hearty Mediterranean dishes, oven or salt bake it for something simple and elegant, or pan-sear it for that perfect bite. Enjoy the large, juicy flakes with its clean, oceanic flavor that's reminiscent of a quiet sea breeze. When cooked, Greek Stone Bass doesn’t seep proteins and fat (as is often the case in salmonoids), which means no fishy odors.

It is called the King of the Mediterranean for a reason; this truly regal fish was chased for its amazing culinary and nutritional qualities, so much so that it was nearly on the verge of extinction. AVRAMAR, the leader in Mediterranean aquaculture, brought this delicacy back with our expertise in raising fickle species at our sustainable and certified sea farms. It is also known as Mediterranean Meagre, and Kranios locally in Greece. Now, it is available to innovative restaurateurs and food service professionals across Europe and America. 

Below, discover more about this truly special fish and why chefs like Maria Loi are so excited about it. Continue to the bottom of the page to see our distribution zones and how to order

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Product Presentation
AVRAMAR Stone Bass - Agyrosomus Regius

Fresh or Frozen Fillets
skin on, pin bones out

400 - 600 g (0.88 - 1.32 lbs)

600 - 1000 g (1.32 - 2.20 lbs)

Whole Round

2000 – 3000g (4.4 - 6.6 lbs)

3000 – 4000g (6.6 - 8.8 lbs)

4000 – 5000g (8.8 - 11.0 lbs)

5000 – 6000g (11.0 - 13.2 lbs)

Frozen portions

120 - 150 g (4.2 - 5.3 oz)

150 - 180 g (5.3 - 6.3 oz)

180 - 230 g (6.3 - 8.1 oz)



Shelf Life and Storage Conditions: 14 days stored at 0ºC - 2ºC (32ºF - 36ºF)

Chef-Maria Loi

Chef Maria Loi

Chef Maria Loi is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, author, television personality and philanthropist working to change the world - one healthy bite at a time. Known as the Julia Child of Greece, she is the founder and face of a lifestyle brand that nurtures a healthy body and soul, melds the inspiration of ancient Greece with a modern approach to the Mediterranean diet, cooks up a heaping dose of happiness, humor and joy and helps people boost their immunity and improve their health, wellness and longevity.

The founder of Loi Food Products, a specialty brand built on traditional ingredients from Greece; the namesake of the restaurant Loi Estiatorio in Manhattan, Chef Loi has cooked for celebrities and Presidents.

The author of more than 36 cookbooks, she is also host of a new show, THE LIFE OF LOI, on PBS, which debuted in 2021. It aims to build an inspirational and educational movement around the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle – from ancient to modern, food to culture and everything in between.

Named an official Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy by the Chef’s Club of Greece, Chef Loi is focused on sustainable practices when looking to future of global food supply, and is passionate about aquaculture as the solution to the growing food chain issues around the globe.

Chef Loi is also a passionate and dedicated philanthropist who supports a wide variety of causes focused on children and the underserved.

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